Markt – Chelsea, NYC

A sandwich for every meal!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

My friend Jamie undoubtedly knows more about restaurants in the city than anyone else that I know. So, when I had a special restaurant-related video project that I needed help with, she was the first person I called. Of course, she agreed to help, and we decided to discuss the project over lunch.

I headed to Chelsea to see her new apartment and then me, Jamie, and another friend of ours from college headed across the street to eat (we were starving). Jamie had seen that Markt was on my NYC wishlist, so she suggested we go there. How sweet <3

It was a beautiful day outside and it was really starting to feel like fall, so we requested a table outside. Lucky for me, the tables were all covered in paper. Perfect for taking notes about my video project. Of course, though, the first thing on our minds’ was what we were going to order. Jamie is one of my favorite people to eat with because not only does she know her food, we also like most of the same things, which makes us great sharing partners. While we’re used to sharing Dominoes pizza (thick crust, not thin) on the floor of our college apartment while watching episode after episode of 90210 (the original, not the remake), I was pretty confident that we would have no problem deciding on something to share at Markt. Our friend Jordie fit right in with us, and as I predicted, we all agreed on everything that we wanted to order.

Jamie is on a new oyster kick, so we started with each of Markt’s three kinds of East Coast oysters. We each added horseradish and cocktail sauce to the oysters and then slurped away. They were delicious.

And then, we ordered our sandwiches. There were three that really popped out to us, and as luck would have it, obviously, there were three of us too! Perfect! First, we got the Croque Monsieur, which is basically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. We added a fried egg to make it a Croque Madame. Then, we got the Baguette Au Filet Mignon, which is seared filet mignon slices on a toasted baguette with crispy fried red onions and horseradish mayo. Last, we decided on the Brioche Au Crabe, chesapeake crab salad with fresh mayo, chives, and tomato on a toasted brioche roll.

Ok, so oysters, filet mingnon, and crab… what a fancy lunch! We asked our waiter if he could please split the sandwiches in threes. They came out cut in half, but we made do. Actually, we had a pretty awesome system going on. Each of us started with a sandwich, ate a little more than half, and then we rotated plates. It worked out really well. We were better sharing partners than I could have imagined.

All the while, we were talking about my favorite subject ever. Food. About the places we’ve been, the places we want to go, our favorites, our disappointments, and so on. You get the picture. It was amazing.

And so were all of the sandwiches. Jamie and Jordie both liked the crab sandwich the best, but I liked the filet mignon. Frankly, they were three of the best sandwiches that I’ve had. Here was our theory… If we were coming for brunch and wanted something with eggs (or were just in any way hungover), the Croque Monsieur would be the best. If we were coming for lunch, the crab would be the best. And, if we were eating dinner, we would definitely get the steak (though we all agreed that we would probably never order a sandwich for dinner). So, we got to have every meal all-in-one. Pretty impressive, huh?

Not only did I get to have a great meal with great friends, I also got some awesome new restaurant reccos AND got my video project all figured out. Thanks Jamie and Jordie… and thank you Markt!