Molly Ambler

Molly Ambler - Washington D.C.

My name is Molly Ambler and I have been living in Washington D.C. for the past four and a half years. I moved to the area from Boulder, Colorado to go to nursing school, and I now work at a hospital downtown in the Cardiac Surgery ICU, which I love. I originally studied political science and French, but realized that nursing is my true passion.

I spent a good decade of my childhood in Rome, Italy thanks to my father’s teaching job, so I blame my gluttony on the fresh, simple, and rustic cuisine that I enjoyed there. I am looking forward to contributing to the 24 Dollar Burger website since I recently moved to a more central downtown location, and there are many restaurants I’m looking forward to trying. I am also excited to have an excuse for all the pictures of food on my phone. My boyfriend jokes with me that he ‘eats to live, whereas I live to eat’.  He must know me well. Happy reading and eating!

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