Momoya – Chelsea, NYC

"Someone" couldn't even wait for me to take the picture before grabbing a piece...

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

My friend Jamie (yes, the same Jamie from my Lunch With Friends video at Epistrophy) has been telling me about Momoya since I moved to NY 10 months ago. It’s her absolute favorite sushi place ever, so, when me, her, and our friend Allie planned to go out to dinner to celebrate Jamie’s 25th birthday, we decided that Momoya would be the perfect spot… Little did Allie and I know that this would be Jamie’s third time there this week alone. Yes… third time. I told you, she really likes it.

The restaurant doesn’t take reservations over the phone, but you can go in and put your name down for whatever time you want. So, Jamie stopped in on her way home from work to put us down for a table at 7:30. When we all got there, the place was packed… and it was still packed when we left two hours later.

As soon as we were seated (and after we ordered a bottle of wine), we looked through the menu, but pretty much left the ordering up to Jamie. To start, we got the crispy rice topped with spicy tuna, jalapeño  and mushroom and the tuna tortilla (tuna, egg, truffle, and flowers on a crunchy wafer). I’ve never had crispy rice before (in fact, I’ve never even heard of it), but it was so good. The name definitely explains what it tastes like. Crispy rice. It was awesome! And as soon as I read that the tuna tortilla had truffle oil on it, I was sold. It’s an extremely simple dish, but the freshness of the tuna and the amazing truffle flavor combined with the crunch of the tortilla… I mean all I really can say is wow.

And then came the rolls. We got the Greenwich Roll with spicy yellowtail, jalapeño, cilantro, tempura crunch, asparagus w/ eel sauce, the Black Dynamite roll with spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber & avocado, a Rainbow Roll, which is a california roll wrapped in tuna, salmon, yellowtail, fluke & shrimp, and last but not least, we got a Salmon and Avocado Roll. One was better than the next. Literally. I tried them in that order and liked each one I tried better than the one I had tried before it.

When ordering, I didn’t realize that the Greenwich Roll had [the dreaded] cilantro in it, but other than that, every roll was delicious. What really made them though was the freshness of the fish. This is one place that you don’t need to order a fancy special roll, because the more simple rolls are the ones that really allow the fish to stand out.

No joke, I kind of want to go back…. right now. And now I can 100% see why Jamie’s been there three times this week alone.