Nancy’s – Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Wow, I love clam bellies!
What I Ordered

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

There are six towns that make up Martha’s Vineyard. Apparently, the thing to do is rent bikes and  ride around to all of them… So, that’s what we did. Well, actually we biked through the three towns on our side of the island, as we were only up for a 15 mile bike ride, rather than a 30 mile ride. Either way, we love biking, so this was a perfect activity for us.

We were staying in Vineyard Haven, so that’s where we started. According to the owner of our B&B (who was actually a cute woman in her 30’s, rather than the little old lady that we were expecting), Vineyard Haven was the place to get breakfast, Oak Bluffs was the most touristy town, and Edgartown was the most fine town. She even wrote us a list of recommendations for dinner, most of which were in Edgartown (little did she know that we’re not really the “fine restaurant” type of people).

We rode through Vineyard Haven, checked out some of the spots that were recommended to us and then made our way to Oak Bluffs, where we were planning to stop for lunch. The second we saw Nancy’s, we knew that was our spot. Nancy’s was complete with an ocean/harbor view, a chalkboard menu (my favorite), and most importantly, an awesome seafood menu.

We took a quick peek at the chalkboard menu in the downstairs patio area, but then headed upstairs to the rooftop. A sign pointed us upstairs and confirmed that we could get the same menu that we saw downstairs, so we made our way up, and asked a not-so-thrilled couple if they could scoot their chairs over to make room for us at the seats surrounding the deck (the ones with the view).

We knew that 1) we had to try another lobster roll after our disappointing experience the day before, and 2) that we needed to get fried clam bellies. After trying them at Flo’s Clam Shack in Newport, Rhode Island, they quickly became one of our new favorite dishes.

We got the Fried Clams (whole belly) with french fries, and then the Lobster Roll with mayo in a buttered and grilled hot dog bun. We also got a side of Greek Pasta Salad and Coleslaw.

All of the food was amazing. Fried clam bellies are really the best thing ever. The key is definitely the belly. I can’t even describe what it tastes like exactly, but wow. The lobster roll was awesome too. It was much better than the one we had the day before, probably because this lobster roll was really all about the lobster. No mouthfuls of bread and lettuce like we experienced at the Lobster Shanty. Also, I’m not sure if lobster rolls are typically served in hot dog buns, but great call by Nancy’s. I loved it with that type of bread. The greek pasta salad was also surprisingly delicious. I wasn’t really expecting much when we substituted a second order of fries for the pasta salad, but it was one of the best I’ve had…. Though you can’t really go wrong when feta cheese is involved.

We were both so satisfied and happy with our meal… And then we got the check. Ok, so our lunch was $70. We did order lobster and a couple of drinks, so no biggie… But then we walked downstairs and back to the chalkboard menu… the one that had everything that we had just ordered, but cheaper. We did the math and figured out that if we had eaten downstairs (the view really was the same), we would have saved $20 on our lunch. As I told you, we had seen a sign that said we could get the same menu upstairs, and we thought that had meant the same prices too (wouldn’t you assume that too?), but I guess not.

Don’t get me wrong though, Nancy’s was awesome… Next time we’ll know to just eat our delicious seafood lunch downstairs.