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Naruto Ramen - Yum!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Naruto Ramen is right around the corner from me. I see it all the time, yet for some reason haven’t eaten there yet. I really have no idea why considering it’s so close and I LOVE ramen (and any other kind of japanese noodles). It’s this cute little hole-in-the-wall place that is cash only (I always feel like cash only places HAVE to be good), and every time I pass it I tell myself that I need to go there ASAP.

Anyways, I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday and was in desperate need of some soup, so figured it was the perfect time to check out Naruto Ramen. Now, I didn’t actually eat there, I just went and picked it up (I didn’t know if I could still write about it if I hadn’t actually eaten at the restaurant, but I figured that this is my blog so I can do whatever I want, right?), but hey I still went to the restaurant and ate the food so figured it was fair game.

I asked the waitress which ramen was the most popular and she said all of them, but the Naruto Ramen, which is a soy sauce based noodle soup with bamboo shoots, boiled egg scallion, dried seaweed, beansprout, fish cake and pork was the most, most popular (ok, so really just the most popular?). I probably could have figured that one out on my own considering that’s the name of the restaurant AND it was clearly the one highlighted on the menu. I ordered the Naruto Ramen (spicy) to go and couldn’t wait to get home and dig in.

I really like the way they packaged it to-go. They put the broth in one container and then the noodles, meat, etc. in another. I waited about 20 minutes after getting home to start eating, and it even stayed hot, which was amazing! Overall, I thought the soup was awesome. Dave thought the broth was a little fishy tasting, but I didn’t think so at all. It was spicy, but not too spicy, the meat was great, and there were plenty of noodles. I think that I like udon noodles better than ramen noodles, but overall I was very satisfied. Plus, one soup was enough for 2 people, so for $9, Naruto Ramen will definitely be one of my new go-to spots.

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