New Corner – Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

New Corner - Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
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Review By: Julianne Di –

New Corner Restaurant is definitely in the middle of nowhere for me; I had no idea that it even existed nor had I ever heard anyone talking about it. After an evening of doing laundry we decided to go out to eat instead of cooking in an un-airconditioned apartment in humid New York City weather.

Now this place is definitely not going to get any points for décor; first impression walking in is that this restaurant was taken out of the 1970s and has not redecorated since. The building is deceiving though because inside the place is huge and has many different dining sections. For a Wednesday night, the restaurant was surprisingly busy and between the ambiance of the building and its patrons, I honestly felt like I had walked onto the set of The Godfather movie. It was obvious that a lot of people eating here were regulars and have known about this restaurant for many years.

Service was nothing special and I honestly had the impression that our waitress, although very nice, didn’t feel like working tonight. I was, however, very impressed with the menu, which had so many options and so many sections that it would have been difficult to find something you didn’t like. For an appetizer, we tried bruschetta which was very different. The bread was served warm with melted mozzarella over the tomatoes and onions. The warm tomatoes were very good. The serving sizes here are very large and we could have easily fed a small family on our dishes alone. Instead, since we don’t have a small family, we had a great lunch the next day with the leftovers.

The Fusilli Puttanesca was delicious with chopped olives and plump tomatoes; it was like Caponata without the eggplant over pasta. I enjoyed as much of it as I could before I went into a carb coma. I saved just enough stomach space to eat a few pieces of the chicken castelli romani. This dish had pieces of chicken breast with peas, artichoke, onions and tomatoes. The chicken was very moist and tender and I love artichoke.

I was happy to find an Italian restaurant that had a lot of new dishes that I’ve never had. However, for the traditional Italian food lover, they have specials daily and have a lot of traditional dishes like chicken parmagiano and spaghetti with marinara sauce.

You will most likely be way too stuffed to have dessert here (it’s the Italian way). Although I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here again I did enjoy my meal and maybe with a little makeover the restaurant might attract some newer and younger foodies.

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