Nico Osteria – Gold Coast, Chicago

Nico Osteria - Gold Coast, Chicago
What I Ordered
  • Kanpachi (Crudo)
  • Escolar (Crudo)
  • Stracciatella (Fettunta)
  • Lamb Capeletti Pasta
  • Chocolate Budino

In Short: Nico Osteria is sure to be another top player for One Off Hospitality Group. It’s a neighborhood gem!

Review By: Christianna Klangides –

Gold Coast has yet another spot to liven up the scene. Introducing Nico Osteria, the latest from One Off Hospitality Group.

The lively chatter immediately captures your attention as your eyes wander from the beautiful Italian matte tiles to the refurbished wood furniture and iron lighting fixtures. Lush fabrics accent the rustic setting. It’s beautiful.

When we first arrived, we were told we could be seated at the counter right away or enjoy a cocktail at the bar while we waited for a free standing table. I wanted to wait for a free standing table so we headed to the bar, highlighted with a live wall, pouring and stirring specialty cocktails. They were all well crafted and delicious. The wine list offers wines from Italy and Greece with a wide variety of options by the glass.

After wandering around the lobby of hotel, we poked our heads into another Nico entrance which offered a better view of the seating arrangements. I immediately changed my mind and wanted a counter seat. These counter seats are the seats to sit in; they outline the kitchen and offer a first-hand experience to the slicing, baking and calling of orders. We were seated in front of the seafood station with nothing short of a couple extra cold (fish) eyes staring back at us. It was the center of the L shaped counter and offered views of all the excitement.

Now for the menu…. Start from the top and make your way down and around. The crudo section offers a wide variety of fresh fish. We tried the Kanpachi with chiles and lemon vinegar. It had a mellow flavor and was very lean. The Escolar is a popular crudo that’s not to be missed!

The Fettuntas include grilled breads topped with a variety of ingredients. The Stracciatella was full of simple flavors with pine nuts and finished with a perfectly cooked bite of bacon.

The lobster Spaghetti has been getting rave reviews. The diners next to us had ordered that, and the portion was huge! We opted for the Lamb Capeletti. It had a very rich flavor that was well balanced with the artichokes. The capeletti was prepared with mint breadcrumbs and walnuts which added a nice texture.

Be sure to save room for dessert. All we had to say was chocolate, and our server did the rest. He ordered us the Chocolate Budino which ended the night on a perfect note. It was accompanied by banana gelato and hazelnut nougats.

Nico Osteria is sure to be another top player for One Off Hospitality Group. It’s a neighborhood gem!

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