Northern Spy Food Co. – E. Village, NYC

Cute spot!

Review By: Vanessa Epstein

I’ve been waiting to try Northern Spy Food Co. for a while now and was thrilled by our experience.   I went with three other friends around 9pm on a Wednseday night. Luckily, the wait was only 15 minutes so we waited at the bar and had some wine (of course!).  We were then seated at a nice hidden “alcove” I want to call it, facing the open kitchen. I loved being able to watch as our food was prepared.

We were all extremely hungry by now, so we immediately started with a few appetizers: The carmelized onion flatbread and the pork sticky buns.  The flatbread was good, nothing too special, but the pork sticky buns were definitely worth raving about.  I didn’t know what to expect, I was thinking these would be like those Momofuku/Ippudo-esque pork buns of wonder. These were NOT those, but of no less deserving of praise.  They were like actual cinnammon buns with icing and everything, but rolled up in the buttery sugary dough was shredded pork! Oh my…explosion in my mouth!

So we then each ordered an entree, this seems like a normal next progression of the meal, but it was unusual for us, as ususally we just get a bunch of appetizers and share. We were so hungry though that we said screw it and went for a full meal.  When I say that we each ordered an entree, I mean 3 of us ordered the chicken entree while the individualist got the trout.  I didn’t try her trout but she seemed to like it.

Now, onto the chicken… The only reason I picked the chicken was because it came with gnocchi and I am a sucker for those potato pillows of heaven. Otherwise, I am never one to go with the chicken dish.  Let me tell you, this chicken was damn good! The skin was crispy and the meat was moist, which can be hard to find.  The jus was delicious and the mix of wintery vegetables were flavorful.  The gnocchi was absolutely perfect. Taste, texture, everything oh my I could rave forever about how good that gnocchi was – perfect pillows I tell you!  My only complaint was that I could have had 10x more gnocchi, but then I probably would have been stuffed, fat American style, so instead we all left full and happy.

Great food, great service, god help me if they take that gnocchi off the menu.

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