Osaki – Chicó Parque 93, Bogotá, Colombia

Lomo Saltado
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Lomo Saltado







  • Lomo Saltado

Kung Pao Chicken






  • Kung Pao Chicken

In Short: Osaki is one of those restaurants I will always go back to. It is more than an Asian restaurant, it combines flavors and his food is prepared with conscience

It was my first day of work at a new company. I did not know anyone so my boss began to introduce me to the team. By chance, one of my teammates was having a birthday and she was going to celebrate with a lunch at the restaurant Osaki. So to integrate and meet people I decided to go. Moreover, it is difficult to refuse an invitation to dinner.

Osaki is more than an Asian restaurant, it combines flavors and his food is prepared with conscience. In Bogota there are several osaki restaurants, but my favorite is the one located on the 90 street. Its atmosphere makes the experience a little more sophisticated.

That day I order a kung pao chicken. It is a Chinese dish from the Szechuan province. It’s spicy, sweet and incredibly delicious. Served with cashews and a cup of white rice with sesame seeds on top. The chicken is very crunchy and is a dish that I always ask if I go to Osaki to have dinner.

I also recommend the “lomo saltado” which is served with a fried egg on top, the fish tartare, is a roll with kanikama, teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds. Each bite is served with tartar of fish (tuna, salmon and tilapia with avocado, masago and dynamite sauce). Another dish is the tilapia tempura sushi roll stuffed with tilapia tempura, cream cheese and sesame seeds. On top teriyaki sauce. Finally to drink, you can order the coconut lemonade is deliciously fresh.

I can finally say that osaki is one of the restaurants where I will always go.