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Feb 4 2014

Amazing Avocado.

Review By: Julianne Di –

For an appetizer at Palo Santo, we ordered the Avocado. It’s not just a plain avocado, it is dressed with red onions, jalapeno, carrots and olive oil which all add to its flavor and spruce up the avocado a bit. If the chefs here can serve me an avocado and make it this tasty and delicious then I could not wait to see how the other dishes would come out. The tangy flavor only enhanced the avocado’s flavors without overpowering them – the avocado really was the star of this dish.

The pan roasted bluefish was served with a plantain, hot slaw and salsa verde. The slaw definitely had a kick to it and the salsa verde was delicious. This was the first time I had seen a whole plantain cooked and served on a dish and not only did it bring an artsy look to the plate but it was so satisfying with the light flaky bluefish that is was the perfect accompaniment. We never missed having a side of French fries at all. One thing about the mixing of several different flavors is that they all married well in the dish as a whole.

The Platano Relleno was really delicious – ground pork, quesillo and raisins stuffed into a plantain. I always associated these plantains with dessert and sweet dishes and was a little afraid to be eating them with pork and cheese. But the idea worked so well and the flavors blended so successfully that I have been entertaining thoughts of taking on the challenge and trying to stuff my own plantain with different flavors. Unfortunately, I was only able to finish half of my plantain because it was so filling and flavorful. I wanted to keep going but the twitching of my pants button was beckoning me to stop.

For dessert, we went with sorbet which is nice and light after such a big delicious meal. This guava sorbet tasted exactly like guava. Because of the menu alone, we wanted to come back here again because the flavors were so different, the plate presentation was also interesting and we definitely ate with our eyes first here! The décor celebrates Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and the food does as well. The restaurant is small so definitely make reservations first but it is a small place that is definitely worth trying!

Make a reservation at Palo Santo.

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