Parlor Steakhouse – UES, NYC

Parlor Steakhouse - UES, NYC
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Review By: Stefanie Parks –

My cousin invited me last minute to her sleep-away camp goodbye dinner at Parlor Steakhouse. I’ve passed it a million times and had never been, I wanted to say goodbye to her, and I love hanging out with my aunt and uncle, so suffice to say I was definitely excited to go BUT (and this is a huge but), Dave and I had plans with my aunt and uncle the very next night to go to dinner at The NoMad, so I felt pretty bad having them take me out for two amazingly nice (and expensive) dinners in a row. After discussing with my uncle, I decided to go, and I must say that I’m very glad I did.

I walked into the restaurant (as usual, I was the first to arrive), and the hostesses immediately took my umbrella and put it into a nice little plastic bag so that it didn’t drip everywhere. Nice touch! As soon as my aunt, uncle, and cousin arrived, we were seated and greeted by our very nice and extremely friendly waitress, who told us about the specials of the evening and went through the wine list with us.

As soon as she left the table, we were served our bread. I don’t usually mention the bread at a restaurant unless there’s really something to talk about, and in this case, there most definitely was. We were served a warm onion foccacia with a side of hummus to spread on and it was delicious. I really, really wanted to go for a second piece, but then stopped myself when our hostess brought out two appetizers for the table, compliments of the chef (thank you chef!!!).

The first was a risotto croquette with some kind of ranch-tasting sauce. The outside had the perfect amount of crunch and very little grease (for something that was fried), while the risotto on the inside was perfectly cooked. My cousin loved these so much that she ate about 3/6 of them. The meatball sliders were even better. The meatballs were soft, extremely flavorful, and had the perfect amount of sauce on them. And, the little buns were so cute!

My cousin and I shared the chopped salad as our next course. It was good, but just a pretty typical chopped salad. Or maybe I was so excited for my steak that I couldn’t even focus on the salad course.

My uncle and I shared the Prime 28oz Bone-In Strip Loin 21 Day Aged Center Cut steak, medium rare. It came with four different sauces on the side (one of which was a horseradish sauce – my favorite!), so naturally, I was in heaven! I typically get my steaks medium, and while this was cooked perfectly, I probably would have preferred it to be a little more well-done. But, either way, it was delicious, tender, juicy, flavorful, and everything else that you want your steak to be. On the side, we got creamed spinach and an edemame special that they had, both of which were amazing. The creamed spinach wasn’t very different from any other creamed spinach I’ve had, but still very great! The edemame came in some kind of sauce and was out of this world. One of the best edemame dishes I’ve had.

I had passed this restaurant 100 times and am so happy that I finally got a chance to try it. The service was awesome, the meal was delicious, and the company wasn’t too bad either :)

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