Penelope – Midtown East, NYC

Penelope - Midtown East, NYC
What I Ordered
  • Arugula with Warm Chicken Meatballs

In Short: The warm chicken meatballs were a solid serving, albeit a bit small. For which I was thankful, because I then proceeded to indulge in the side of fries with chipotle mayo that were also divine. Two big balls (yes, I’m twelve at heart) arrived aside a looming mass of arugula with just enough cheese to feed the dairy-craving diva within me.

Review By: Lindsay King

Known as a brunch spot (or so my friend said – I had never heard of the joint), I strolled to my old stomping grounds of Murray Hill to meet up with her at Penelope.

From the outside, it’s simply precious. Walk in, and guaranteed you’ll be overwhelmed with shabby-chic self-awareness. It’s like Anthropologie had a food baby and you were invited to the baby shower.

Cute little vases with clothespins advertising the specials? Check. Beer and wine? CHECK, thank God. A brief scroll through the menu online left me wondering if I’d be forced to deal with a fresh-squeezed non-alcoholic beverage or bust, so the unexpected though entirely welcome appearance of my good friend alcohol was a kitschy touch.

The food itself was simple, and I mean that in the best way. No fancy-pants ingredients (though the corn with truffle butter is next on the list of must-tries here). Meatballs, fish tacos, fish & chips – comfort food in portions that will only leave you with a Gisele Bündchen-status food baby. Which is to say, indulge in confidence.

Photo Credit: NYC Tastes

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