Pho Superbowl – La Mesa, San Diego

NO. 17 Charbroiled Beef Pho
NO. 17 Charbroiled Beef Pho
What I Ordered
  • No. 17: Charbroiled Beef Pho
  • Vietnamese style Egg Rolls: Vegetarian

In Short: Perfectly crisp beef slices with an amazing array of spices in a broth served up in a bowl of happiness.

This is my go to place for pho. Not only is it conveniently located on my block; they serve up some pretty fantastic pho that just makes me feel ten times better!

NO. 17 Charbroiled Beef Pho

NO. 17 Charbroiled Beef Pho


Sriracha, Hoisin


Vegetarian Vietnamese style Egg Rolls

The pho is served with a side of fresh bean sprouts, jalapeños, and fresh basil. I add Sriracha (hot sauce for those who don’t know) and hoisin sauce for extra spice and flavor. It comes in two sizes regular and Superbowl. Superbowl is the way to go! A giant bowl of delicious pho to chow down on to make you feel so good!

Meat is very important to me, as you know. This meat is so tender with bits of char across the cut of beef. Amazing!  Once added to broth, the meat awakens the spices with a profound taste that just leaves me soothed. Its an excellent dance of meat and spice plus crunch of the bean sprouts and jalapeños! GOODNESS!!The broth itself I could just sip for hours! It’s so soothing to the soul!

The egg rolls have light crunch to it, which is great because you aren’t losing a whole lot of the wrapper just taking a bite! You can either eat the egg rolls as is or wrap them in lettuce and dip the sweet/spicy dipping sauce! The latter is much better! The combination of the romaine with the egg roll might sound odd but it’s a great play of cold/hot on the tongue. Plus, that sauce is tangy but neither too sweet. It makes for a delicious pair.

Aside from the amazing food, this place is my favorite because it’s very quiet. One can enjoy a nice evening with family and friends here; or, if you’re like me, enjoy a nice dinner alone here. It’s really nice!

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