Quinn’s – Capitol Hill, Seattle

Bacon Carmel Popcorn... Yes Please!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

On our first night in Seattle, Dave’s friend Chris took us to one of his favorite gastropubs in the city. He claimed that Quinn’s had one of Seattle’s best burgers, and you know us.. We never turn down a good burger.

After a few beers at a brewery nearby, I was starving and ready to chow down. We ordered a couple apps to start: A dutch egg and carmel/bacon popcorn. Both appetizers were amazing, and probably the highlight of the meal for me. The combination of the dutch egg’s crispy outside and oozy inside was delicious. The egg was perfectly cooked and mmm I wish I had another one right now.

I love popcorn and I love the sweet and salty combo, so it was no surprise that this dish was a winner for me. I probably could have had about three more bowls full.

For our entrees, we ordered the burger and the fish and chips. The burger came with artisan bacon (whatever that is), white cheddar, and mayo on a brioche bun and was served with handcut fries. The fish and chips was pretty standard. Both dishes were good, but nothing spectacular. For the price, I feel that I could have probably done better somewhere else (especially with the $15 fish and chips, after seeing the same dish for $10-11 all day).

For me, the apps were definitely Quinn’s saving grace. As I mentioned, all of the food was good. It was all prepared well and tasty, but the entrees just didn’t really stand out to me as anything that special. Or maybe I was just too excited for my seafood extravaganza over the next few days to really even think about anything else.

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