Rare Bar & Grill – Murray Hill, NYC

I guess that's what a lollipop wing looks like.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Dave and I had been planning to go to the movies to see a double feature, but then when we started thinking about sitting in a second movie (and one that is 3 hours long at that) and having popcorn and chicken fingers for dinner, we decided against it. We scoured Scout Mob and Savored and finally decided to eat at Rare Bar & Grill, which has been on our list since we past by it on a walk right when we moved to NYC.

For those of you who don’t use Savored, you should start immediately. It really is amazing. Choose a date, party size, and neighborhood and then select a restaurant from their ever growing list and you automatically get 30% off your bill (including alcohol). Savored used to charge $10 to make a reservation, but now the website is miraculously free. It’s the best and such an easy way to save some money when eating out.

Ok, so anyway, Rare Bar & Grill… We made a reservation for 10:30, and when we got there it was pretty empty (not surprisingly). We had, of course, already studied the menu, so we asked a few questions and then put in our order. We decided to start with the Lollipop Wings. Neither of us had any idea what lollipop wings meant, but our waiter told us that they just took the skin off the bottom of the wing to make it look like a lollipop. Once we saw them, we kind of understood, but still not really. Either way though, they were delicious and the portion was pretty big too! The sauce was spicy, but not too spicy, and they were a great start to our meal.

We also ordered the Frickle (fried pickle) as another appetizer. As much as I loved the wings, I wasn’t really into these. I usually love fried pickles, but these were a little soggy AND came with a dill sipping sauce that I didn’t like at all. So, definitely not the best fried pickles that I’ve ever had, but Dave liked them.

Once we saw that Rare Bar & Grill had steakhouse burgers on their menu, we knew we had to try one. We weren’t 100% sure what steakhouse burgers were, but figured they were just made with steak meat instead of ground beef. We were right. So, after discussing with our waiter, we went with the T-Bone Steakhouse burger, which is a blend of sirloin and strip, flambeed in tequila, wrapped in apple smoked bacon, and topped with cheddar and crispy onions. We also got a side of Parmesan Truffle Fries. You’d think that for $21, our burger would come with some fries, but it didn’t. Oh well. The burger came out and was topped with so many onion rings that we had to take some of them off (which I’m definitely not complaining about because it just meant that we got to eat them on the side!!). It was delicious. Perfectly cooked, juicy, flavorful, amazing. My only complaint was that it was a little messy to eat and the bun didn’t stay together very well, but that may be due to the fact that we cut it in half.

The fries were really good too… and the best part is that they came with four different dipping sauces (I love dipping sauces!) They came with New Mexican Chili Ketchup, Chipotle Aioli, Honey Maple Dip, and Rare’s Homemade BBQ Sauce. My favorite, by far, was the Chipotle Aioli, but all of the sauces were good. I didn’t particularly love the Honey Maple Dip (it tasted somewhat like syrup), but they recommend trying it with the sweet potato fries, which I imagine would be good. As good as the fries were though, the onion rings were even better. They were crispy, but at the same time, didn’t taste “too fried.”

As I mentioned, Rare Bar & Grill has been on our list forever… I’m so glad that we finally got to cross it off AND to be able to say that it was most definitely worth the wait.