Richard Galloway

Richard Galloway - Austin, Texas

Born and raised in the “magnolia state” of Mississippi, Richard Galloway has toured the country over the past 20 years participating in drum and bugle corps and current Sirius XM/Little Steven’s Underground Garage playlist affiliate out of Austin, TX, Moonlight Towers (

In his travels, Richard has enjoyed delicious dining experiences from the In and Out Burger in Los Angeles to Giordano’s pizza in Chicago to incredible Vietnamese delights at Pho Bang Restaurant in New York City to a personal favorite, Ellen’s Soul Food in Memphis.

In the fall, Texas State University of San Marcos will be occupying his talents while he continues his pursuit of a degree in writing and liberal arts. Residing with his new wife in that great city of Austin, Richard continues to enjoy the delightful thrill of experimenting with cuisines in every category because as the saying goes: “you never know until you try.”

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