Rubirosa – NoLita, NYC

One of our favorite Italian meals in NYC!
What I Ordered

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

I’ve been hearing such great things about Rubirosa for such a long time, so when my mom planned a trip to visit NYC, I decided it was finally time to try it. I made the reservation about a month in advance (a table there is a pretty hot commodity!), and anxiously awaited our dinner.

Rubirosa is right across the street from Parm in NoLita, and I have to admit that it was pretty tough to not scrap our whole plan and head across the street instead. But, I guess my curiosity about Rubirosa was enough to make me forget about  the best chicken parm sandwich of life. We walked into the packed restaurant, which was very dark and very cozy, and the hostess led us to a great table in the back. We ordered a couple of beers while we looked on the menu, and then finally decided to get a pizza (all I’ve heard is that you HAVE to get a pizza at Rubirosa), a pasta, and the chicken parm.

We ordered a 1/2 vodka, 1/2 sausage and broccoli rabe pizza, the chicken parm, and then the Spaghetti Alla Chittara with a meatball on the side. The pizza came out first and I took my first bite of the vodka pizza. My friend Allie had recommended we try this, and I’m glad she did because I’m not sure I would have ordered it otherwise, and it was amazing. It’s very simple, but between the amazing sauce, the cheese, and the crunchy, delicious crust, this one was definitely a winner. Next, I tried the sausage and broccoli rabe pizza. As you know, I love sausage, so this was the pizza that immediately caught my eye. I thought that the broccoli rabe was a little bitter (but then again, when is broccoli rabe not a little bitter), but other than that, I thought it was a great combination. Still, the vodka pizza was the definitely winner in my book.

After the pizza, our waited brought out the chicken parm and the pasta. We were immediately disappointed because the pasta that came on the side of our chicken parm was the exact same as the Spaghetti Alla Chittara. Had we known that we probably would have ordered something different. Oh well.

The chicken parm was humongous. It literally took up the entire plate, but we weren’t complaining. It was so good, we couldn’t get enough. The pasta was a pretty typical spaghetti dish and nothing special, but still good. Either way, between the pizza and the chicken parm, this was one of the best Italian meals we’ve had in the city. Rubirosa definitely lived up to all of the hype. The food was great, the prices were very reasonable, and we left feeling full and satisfied. Really, what more could you ask for in an Italian meal?