Sequoia Brewing Company – Visalia, CA

What I Ordered
  • Maibock
  • Jalapeño/Pineapple Margarita
  • Grizzly Giant Burger

In Short: Juicy burgers and incredible drinks at Sequoia Brew Co. make this place a must to visit if you're driving through or live in Central California. 


I was out in the middle of no where visiting my parents when we decided to go out to dinner. I literally just used Google and found Sequoia Brewing Company. WHAT A FIND! This place isn’t boasting with attention either. It’s fairly small and peaceful. The waiters are very attentive and helpful when placing an order.



Honestly, when I saw my burger in front of me, I was ready to be disappointed. The burger appeared a little flat. It didn’t stand out in any manner like “oh my goodness! this is going to be amazing” Nope. Once I bit into my burger, flavor slapped me in the taste buds! The patty is charbroiled with crispy edges. Very juicy and thick! The bacon added extra crunch and the melted mozzarella held all the crispy, juicy goodness together in between bites. I was so busy getting lost in my burger, I almost forgot about the fries.


The wedge fries were so soft on the inside with a subtle crispy outside. Perfectly seasoned; they were so delicious!

This place really blew me away with their brews. While most places are brewing five different IPAs, Sequoia Brewing Company has a variety of brews to offer! From fruit infused to stouts, they have a lot to try. I went with a bock. If you’re not into heavy feeling while drinking beer, but still need your beer to not taste like you’re drinking water, this is definitely the way to go!

If  you’re like me and love your food and drinks with a kick of spice to them, their jalapeno margarita over ice is the way to go. The jalapeno flavor is very bold but so delicious. THIS DRINK IS HOT!

Sequoia Brewing Company has a vast selection of craft brews, cocktails. and delicious food you need to taste. This place is great for small gatherings. It’s also great if you just need a quiet place and an amazing brew and incredible food to finish your day. You will not be disappointed.

Sequoia Brewing Company-Visalia
124 West Main Street
Visalia, CA 93291