Shinju II – Park Slop, Brooklyn

Shinju II - Park Slope, Brooklyn
What I Ordered

Review By: Julianne Di –

We were walking around in the hot summer heat with an armful of books from the bookstore when we began searching for a place to have lunch. Now there are plenty of places to go in Park Slope that are reputable but I had some data connection issues and couldn’t access my Groupon or Open Table app. So we had to make a primitive decision and just go for something in the area.

Both of us were in the mood for sushi and we walked upon Shinju Sushi II and stepped in without bothering to check out the menu first. We were the only couple in the restaurant when we were seated, and although it was early, we were still worried that it was a bad sign. Well, it definitely was not a bad sign- within minutes the restaurant started to get crowded as people trickled in in small groups.

We ordered a crispy mango chicken roll for an appetizer and I thought it was going to be a sushi roll, but it was really more like a spring roll. It was crispy on the outside and stuffed with chicken, mango and crab and drizzled with a dipping sauce on a bed of lettuce. I’m not a big fish eater (hence the chicken roll) but this roll was delicious. The crispy outside with the sweet mango was a great appetizer and something I have not had anywhere else.

I ordered the lunch special, hibachi steak with a side of rice and vegetables. For a lunch special it was a very big portion and it was great. I really enjoyed my meal here and the appetizer was my favorite. All of the hibachi vegetables were delicious and I liked having the choice of two dipping sauces as well.

For dessert, we ordered lychee. The presentation was great, a cocktail glass filled with ice and little picks to grab the pitted lychee. It was deliciously cold from resting on the bed of ice and in its own juices. We even drank some of the lychee juice once we were done attacking the cold fruit. My meal here was enjoyable and different and I would love to come back and see what else is on the menu to try. We didn’t even have to splurge because the prices were reasonable as well!

I was really impressed with this little place and my fiancé was as well. It will definitely be a place we return to on our monthly (or more) outings to Barnes & Noble.

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