Silk Rd Tavern – Flatiron, NYC (CLOSED)

Yes, there's duck inside those egg rolls.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

After reading Blackboard Eats article about the “Top 10 Dishes to Eat in Right Now in NYC,” I immediately put the Asian Mac and Cheese from Silk Rd Tavern on my list. And when my friend Alysa and I planned to go to dinner around her office in Flatiron, I knew that would be the perfect place to go. She had been there several times for drinks (they have happy hour specials that last from after work until midnight – amazing), but had never eaten there, though she said that she’d also been dying to try it. Done.

We got to the restaurant and each ordered a glass of their $6 red wine (yay happy hour!). Once we started looking through the menu, we realized that we were going to have some pretty tough choices to make. Everything looked amazing. We finally decided on the Everything Duck Egg Roll with fois gras and apricot mustard, the Tavern Mac and Cheese made with Korean rice cakes and Vermont cheddar, the Big Eye Tuna Tartar with uni vinaigrette and Chinese celery, and last but not least, the Lamb Kebobs.

Everything came out really quickly and all at once. I wish they would have spaced it out a little more, but at the same time, everything looked amazing, so couldn’t really complain. We decided to both try the tuna tartar first. It came with these little crackers and was very tasty, though definitely not the best tuna tartar that I’d ever had. Plus, the mac and cheese was just starting at me and I couldn’t even concentrate on anything else until I had a bite of that (it’s what I’d been so excited to try, after all). So, I dug in. It wasn’t made with noodles, but with Korean rice cakes and it was fabulous. It tasted just like a normal mac and cheese would, but with a slightly different texture. I loved it (and also for some reason convinced myself that it was healthier than regular mac and cheese because of the no-noodle situation).

Next, I went for the Duck Egg Roll. I love egg rolls (and duck) so I was really excited for this dish. We had ordered the “bar snack” version, which only came with one egg roll instead of two, but I still got a couple of good bites in. I really liked it and loved the apricot mustard sauce that it came with for dipping… If only they wouldn’t have taken it away so quickly. I didn’t even have a chance to open my mouth and stop them!

Last but not least, I tried the lamb skewers. They were probably my least favorite of the four dishes, but still very tasty. My favorite dish was definitely the mac and cheese and also the only one that I was really blown away by. But, there are still so many things on the menu that I’m dying to try (including clams casino, curry egg noodles, veal breast ‘n buns, senat farms fried chicken, BBQ braised short ribs, and more…), so I think I’ll have to make it back to Silk Rd Tavern at some point.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part… When the check came out, they brought a little box filled with carmel corn for us to take home. Such a nice (and delicious) bonus at the end of our meal!