Slide – Greenwich Village, NYC (CLOSED)

Slide - Greenwich Village, NYC
What I Ordered

Review By: Julianne Di –

The crostini at Slide was very good. They were small pieces of toasted cranberry bread with a goat cheese spread and beets soaked in sherry. It was the perfect texture mix of crispy and soft and also the perfect mix of salty and sweet. The soaked beets on the top tasted more like candy than vegetables. The only thing wrong with this dish is that the serving was too small and I had to share it!

I think the best way to eat here is to get varieties, I mean unless you really have a favorite. But since we were first timers we got a few different things to try. The smoked duck was good; the meat did not seem as fatty as duck sometimes is. The raspberry chutney was a great sweet element added to the burger and it didn’t need any extras at all. The Slide Combo Americano came with 3 different burgers: the original, the chicken and waffle, and the BBQ pork belly.

I am not even going to discuss the classic as it’s just a typical slider with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and a mayo sauce. Sure it is good to have just to say that you had the orginal but it was the varieties, even the ones that I didn’t think I would like, that made my mouth water. The BBQ pork belly was delicious, the fried brussel sprouts added an interesting texture and it was as good as or even better than I had expected it to be. It was the chicken and waffle slider, however, that really took me by surprise. The fried chicken paired with the maple bourbon of the waffle bun was a delicious combination and I was sorry we only had one to share. I wasn’t even going to order that one but you can’t change up the combinations.

The bacon fat fries were as delicious as they sounded… how could anything fried in bacon fat taste badly? They were crispy curly fries that were served with ketchup and had dark chocolate shavings glittered along the top. You could taste the bacon flavor with every crispy bite and French fries are nothing if they are not crispy. I am craving another row of burgers as I sit here and write about them.

Even the space was relaxing and had a great outside garden to sit in and people were enjoying shakes in mason jars. The presentation of the foods were unique and appetizing. Overall, do not play it safe here. It was the burger that sounded the least appetizing to me that ended up being my favorite so go to Slide with an empty belly and an open mind. Be Adventurous!

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