Smoke Daddy BBQ – Wicker Park, Chicago

What I Ordered

Pimento Cheese Hush Puppies w/Green Chile Jam

  • Pimento Cheese Hush Puppies - Not your typical "hush puppy" served with a spicy Green Chile Jam

Smoke Pulled Chicken Sandwich - Carolina Style

  • Smoked Pulled Chicken Sandwich - Ask for Carolina Style (cole slaw on top) big and messy tender BBQ sauced smoked chicken atop an egg bun


  • KC Style Burnt Ends Sandwich - Ask for Daddy Style (sliced smoked brisket on top) Once they run out of burnt ends that's it, sandwich is not available until the next day. Definitely grab it if you can.
In Short: Sweet, Tangy, Smokey BBQ joint with an "out of the city" feel. Prices are definitely good for the portion sizes and quality/taste of food. Laid back atmosphere, live blues, several TV's for live sports coverage, family friendly

Spring has finally arrived here in Chicago and we all get excited for Patio Dining and BBQ! We stopped in at one of my favorite BBQ joints in West Town for an early dinner;  Smoke Daddy BBQ.

I just love this place from the mega out door seating space down to the live music playing daily as you walk in the door. It was a bit too chilly for me to sit outside yesterday but, the indoor environment was still popping. We snuggled into a booth right by the stage and poof we were transported to an off the beaten path Southern BBQ joint. Now, we have been here several times so we are very familiar with the menu which is a short, no frills, one sided list of glorious meats and sides.

Before we could get our drink order in, we ordered the Pimento Cheese Hush Puppies with Green Chile Jam as an appetizer right away. These are a MUST HAVE when you walk in this place. When you hear Hush Puppy you think round doughy ball of seasoned cornmeal but, these Hush Puppies are NOTHING like those. I am not even sure there is corn of any kind in them. They are basically Fried Golden Balls of ooey gooey Pimento Cheese served with a side of Green Chile Jam. That’s right.. Green Chile Jam. When you bite into the ball it starts to ooze that beautiful yellow pimento cheese. Slather a bit of the green chile jam on and it adds a bit of spice/heat to the crispy cheese. They come 5 to an order and with 2 of us.. well, that’s not going to go over well. There was a Rock, Paper, Scissors throw down for the last one. I really could’ve eaten a whole order to myself.

I had the Smoked Pulled Chicken Sandwich-Carolina Style(with cole slaw on top) and a side of some of the creamiest Mac and Cheese I’ve ever had. Normally, my husband and I never get the same sides so that we can try other things or just have variety. When we go to Smoke Daddy this is NOT the case. Get your own Mac n Cheese! If you try to spoon mine, I’ll bite you!  My husband ordered the KC Style Burnt Ends Sandwich-Daddy Style(with sliced brisket on top) with a dripping douse of Smoke Daddy Original BBQ Sauce. You will definitely be licking your sticky fingers after munching hard on these sammies. The amount of meat that Smoke Daddy gives you is also nice, not like some places where its an ice cream scoop size of meat. You can tell someone gave you a giant handful (probably about 1/3 lb) and you will be very thankful.

Smoke Daddy has a chill environment if your looking for a relaxing hangout with good grub and some live blues this is your spot. If you are looking for good beer (all local craft brews), food, and to watch the Hawks, Bulls, Bears, Cubs, or Sox this place is for you!

Smoke Daddy BBQ
1804 W. Division Street
Chicago IL 60622

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