Smokey Burger Organic – Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

How good does this meal look?

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

When Dave and I saw the Groupon for Smokey Burger Organic, our date night plans for that night were pretty much a no-brainer. The menu is typically a bit pricey (with burgers up to $25), but the Groupon was for 2 burgers and 2 sides all for $25, so that was a steal.

We walked into the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at around 10pm and it was empty. As we were being seated, our waitress let us know that we were lucky to be coming in so late because it had been packed earlier in the night. Before we even got there, we knew that we’d definitely be ordering the Big Boss Burger, which comes with a beef patty, a fried egg, turkey bacon, and beer battered onion rings. We were up in the air about our second burger, so when our waitress recommended the Mighty Bison Burger with pepper jack cheese, home-made BBQ sauce, avocado, caramelized onions, red grilled peppers, jalapenos, lettuce, and tomato, we were quickly convinced. We went with a brioche bun for the Big Boss Burger, and to try to be a little healthy, we chose the 9-grain bun for the Mighty Bison Burger. Our Groupon came with two sides, so we went with the onion rings and sweet potato fries since our burger came with regular fries anyway.

Our food came out and these were the best-looking burgers I’ve seen in a while. They were huge and both combinations just looked awesome… Though when does a big fried egg on top of a burger not look awesome?

We split the burgers up and dug in. I took my first bite of the bison burger. It was a little messy, but very good. The bison was juicy and perfectly cooked. I loved the combination of avocado and jalapeno, but I couldn’t really taste the BBQ sauce, so I added some ketchup, which was a good move. The only thing I didn’t love about this burger was the bun. We always order one regular bun and one whole wheat or 9-grain bun to be healthy, and it’s always (and I mean always) a mistake. Will we ever learn?

After a few bites, I switched over to the Big Boss Burger. I got a great first bite with a lot of burger, a lot of egg yolk, and a lot of bacon. Wow, this burger was awesome. I don’t know if it was their ingredients or just the ingredient combination in general, but this burger was delish. And the best part? The brioche bun. I’ve had a lot of different burger buns in my day. The bun at Kuma’s Corner in Chicago is the winner by a long shot (but then again, everything at Kuma’s Corner is the winner by a long shot), but this bun might take second place (albeit a distant second).

I didn’t love the sweet potato fries (they weren’t crunchy enough), the regular fries were ok, but the onion rings were really great. I don’t like when onion rings have a ton of breading and I also don’t like when it’s really hard to break the onion apart and you end up getting a big bite of breading with no onion. These were perfect though. They were skinny, easy to eat, and all around just great onion rings.

I thought the burgers had looked huge when they came out, but somehow I managed to finish everything on my plate. Either I was really hungry or these were just really great burgers. Most likely, it was a little bit of both.