Stage Door Deli – Financial District – NYC

Now THIS is what I call a hot brisket sandwich.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Dave’s parents were in town visiting us for the weekend, and our plan on Saturday was to go check out the 9/11 memorial. We all wanted to get lunch before, and Dave’s parents suggested a place that they had been to a few times before two blocks north of the memorial, where we could pick up sandwiches and take them outside to eat… But, they didn’t remember the name of it.

Dave and I arrived first and when we found a cafeteria-style deli two blocks north of the memorial, we were sure we had found the place. We were wrong. The place his parents had been to was actually 2 blocks south, but we decided to eat at Stage Door Deli anyway. While we were waiting for Linda and Bob to arrive, Dave and I ordered a Diet Dr. Browns Black Cherry and a Diet Dr. Browns Cream Soda. If that isn’t classic NY deli, then I don’t know what is.

Once his parents arrived, Dave and I ordered a hot brisket sandwich on a roll and the Stage Door Signature Sandwich #1 (Turkey, Corned Beef, Swiss, Cole Slaw and Russian Dressing) on rye bread. Both sandwiches were amazing. So good that I don’t even think I could choose which one I liked better. The brisket sandwich was so moist and juicy. It tasted like a french dip, and the roll was the perfect bread for it. The signature sandwich was basically a cold reuben with turkey and corned beef. I love a good reuben and even though this was a little different, I loved it all the same. Not only that, but the sandwiches were half the price of sandwiches we’ve gotten at other NY deli’s (such as Katz’s and Second Ave. Deli) AND they came with so many pickles!!!

Even though Stage Door Deli wasn’t the place that we had originally intended on going to, I am definitely glad that we stumbled in there. The food was awesome and it was a perfect meal to keep us full for our day of being NY tourists!