Sticky’s Finger Joint – West Village, NYC

Sticky's Finger Joint

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Last night for date night (Dave and I have one every Wednesday), we decided on Sticky’s Finger Joint in the West Village. We had read about it in Time Out’s “Cheap Eats” issue (We are slowly but surely making our way through all of the places from that list). I mean chicken fingers in pretty much every amazing flavor imaginable? What could be bad about that.

When we arrived, we expected there to be a line, but much to our delight, we were able to order right away. The girl taking our order didn’t seem that into us or her job at first, but she immediately warmed up to us once we both started sneezing and talking about our mutual hatred for allergies. She even gave us two free coleslaws (creamy pineapple and spicy carrot – both were good, neither amazing. I liked the pineapple better, Dave liked the carrot better). Who ever would have thought that allergies could bring people together?

Anyway, Dave and I had studied the menu before leaving our apartment and we decided we would definitely be ordering some combination of The General Sticky Tso Finger, The Salted Carmel Finger, The Wasabi Finger, Finger Poppers and then 4-5 of their amazing sounding sauces. Oh, and truffle fries, of course.

With the help of the girl taking our order, we narrowed down our selection to the General Sticky Tso Finger (Sticky, sweet and slightly spicy with chili peppers, honey, soy sauce and sesame seed oil), the Salted Carmel Finger (tender chicken breast breaded with crushed pretzels and served with homemade salted carmel sauce then topped with pretzel sticks and sprinkled with pretzel salt), a large order of Finger Poppers (korean style crunchy mini fingers), and truffle fries. As for the sauces, we got Wasabi Aioli, Chocolate Chip BBQ, Jalapeno Mac, and the Sticky’s Sauce which is a southern style white BBQ.

Dave and I could maybe consider ourselves to be General Tso connoisseurs, as we order this dish anytime we get chinese food. I can’t believe I’m saying this but these chicken fingers might have had the best general tso flavor that I’ve ever had (sorry every single chinese restaurant I’ve ever eaten at). Lately, I’ve been noticing that no one does general tso’s spicy enough for me, but Sticky’s Finger Joint got it just right. On the menu, they describe it as “the greatest general tso you have ever eaten in your life… you love long time!” And yep, that’s exactly how I felt. To me, this was by far the winning dish of the night.

As someone who loves sauces, I also really enjoyed the finger poppers (though we definitely could have gone with the small order, rather than the large), as they were perfect for sauce dipping. The flavor of the poppers was good, but having 4 different sauces to choose from every time I took a bite really made it for me. My favorite sauce was the Sticky’s Finger Sauce (no wonder they choose to name this sauce after the restaurant), though it tasted more like a garlic aioli to me, rather than a BBQ sauce. The wasabi aioli was a close second. It literally tasted exactly like wasabi, which I love. The jalapeno mac sauce was really good, but I didn’t really get the jalapeno flavor. I really liked this sauce with the truffle fries (which were awesome also). My least favorite of the four was the chocolate BBQ. It just was not good.

The Salted Carmel Fingers were a great idea in theory, but in reality, they were good for a bite or two and then we couldn’t eat any more of them. Dave said they reminded him of the McGriddle from McDonalds and we both agreed that they were just a little too much.

Overall, we loved Sticky’s Finger Joint. It was a cool place, no long lines, not too expensive, and some of the best chicken fingers that we’ve had! Oh, and we even got to meet the owner, who seemed like a pretty cool dude too.

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