Swift’s Attic – Downtown Austin

Swift's Attic - Downtown Austin
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Review By: Andrea Gohlke –

A trip that involves 5 days of nonstop eating makes it difficult to whittle down the best meal in all that time span, but after careful reflection I can say that the meal that is most vivid in my mind, and belly was dinner at Swift’s Attic.

Swift’s kept reappearing on the carousel of recommended nosh spot’s whenever my girlfriends and I would inquire as to places we should check out in Austin. It’s a funky space that has vaulted ceilings and an airy feel. Even with all the tables filled it never felt overly crowded.

As a diverse group of eaters, including a gluten free diner, we definitely needed to vary our ordering to appeal to all palates and luckily the menu at Swift’s allowed for us to fine tune our shared plates so that everyone walked away happy.

I’m pretty sure anytime you see the words blue cheese grits, it’s a surefire guarantee that the meal is going to go well. The Lockart Quail was just a divine marriage of perfectly cooked meat along with the bing cherries mingling with the tartness of the grits. That was just a taster in our journey of good eats. The pillow like gnocchi melted in your mouth with the Braised Goat Shoulder. It was hard to pass the plates with the other 5 girls at the table because I was wanted to take gigantic scoops of each entrée and not leave a lot for sharing. Quinoa is clearly the hot new superfood that is being integrated in everything from breakfast to dinner and the Red Quinoa Salad was hearty and fanciful at the same time. I loved the vivid colors and duality of two salads served side by side.

I think the ultimate surprise and delight was the dessert we sampled, Popcorn and a Movie. A bit of molecular gastronomy magic made the syrup taste like a root beer float and ultimately made this dish pop with childlike pizzazz. The sweet and savory of the popcorn with the ice cream made this refined dessert the memorable finale of the night.

I don’t think we had one bad bite with all the entrees we sampled and would have easily gone back the next evening to try many of the items we didn’t get a chance to sample. A great date night, corporate event space, and overall lovely dining experience. Two thumbs up to Swifts Attic.

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  • C.K. Chin

    Thank you so much for all the kind words! Hopefully the next time you’re in town you stop back in! Would love to meet you guys!

    Partner | GM

    • http://www.24dollarburger.com 24 Dollar Burger

      We definitely will, CK! Thanks so much and please feel free to share our review on your website or any social media channels :)