Taegukgi Korean BBQ – Kearny Mesa, San Diego

Taegukgi Korean BBQ House - Kearny Mesa,  San Diego
What I Ordered
  • Thin Pork Belly
  • Beef Brisket and  Beef Tongue
  • Marinated Pork Ribs

In Short: Taegukgi's high quality meat will leave your palate with an incredible taste of Korean BBQ! It's a must for carnivore who loves great meat and wants something different outside of a steak!

“HELLOOOOO!” will be screamed by the waiters as you enter Taegukgi Korean BBQ to be seated so don’t freak out! It’s really welcoming. They have great music playing (mostly current upbeat, pop music), some may call it loud, but you can still have a conversation without having to scream at the people around you. You are in close quarters to other people; however, you never feel like you are interfering with the party next to you. Depending on the time you arrive, it’s bustle with waiters and customers moving about, but you rarely have to wait to send an order out.


There is so much to choose from! Beef, pork, chicken, seafood. Endless sides including salads, potato salad,rice, bean sprouts, kimchi, spicy cucumbers, and so much more! OH! and the always delicious steamed egg, which is incredibly fluffy, and never watery!

Meat heaven

Meat heaven

Now to the important stuff: MEAT! My usual order consists of brisket, marinated pork ribs, thin pork belly, and beef tongue. The cuts of beef are really tasty on their own. For thinly sliced cuts of beef, they pack a juicy punch of beef flavor! They offer a side of salt and dipping sauces for extra flavor. I usually don’t use them at all because the meat is incredible alone. I order sides of garlic as well. The toasted garlic flavor really adds more a kick to the meat. Also, garlic is delightful with the brisket and beef tongue.

Do not be afraid to try the beef tongue and pork belly! The beef tongue has an overwhelming beef flavor that is intensified with the garlic and salt. So good! The thin pork belly has a nice balance of fat and pork, resulting in a succulent explosion of crispy pork on your tongue.

The marinated pork ribs are so tender and sweetly flavored! My goodness! I’m a huge carnivore and I highly recommend digging into your ancestraial instincts and eating that rib bone! SO MUCH GOODNESS!!

Bring on the ribs!

Ready for dessert? Nope! I always fill up on meat here, but the macaroons always look delicious. Try them for me!

Taegukgi carries a large drink menu as well. Living in San Diego, I love my craft beer! They carry many local brews, craft beers. As well as imports and domestic.


The servers are very helpful at guiding customers across their menu. All staff members on floor are always willing to take in an order for you if you’re waiter is unavailable. This is a huge plus because you won’t be stuck waiting to order you next selection during a busy rush hour.

*I apologize for the lack of photos as I was in meat heaven. I will definitely upload more photos in the near future to get you guys hungry.

Taegukgi Korean BBQ House

7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #501
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 277-155

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