Teqa – Murray Hill, NYC

My favorite dish of the night.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

A few of my college friends and I were planning a get together before the holidays/New Year. While discussing where to go/what to do I suggested going for Mexican for dinner. In my mind, I was imagining a steaming plate of fajitas and a big margarita at some cheap hole-in-the wall place. Instead, we went to Teqa, which was pretty much the opposite with a fairly limited menu (mostly consisting of tacos) and $12 margaritas.

I got there a little early and ordered the Spicy Cucumber Margarita with tanteo jalapeño, fresh lime, organic agave nectar, cucumber puree, and chili salt. The margarita was good, but could have been a little spicier, in my opinion.

Once my friends arrived, we sat down and started off with a couple orders of guacamole, which was great. Little did I know, this would be my favorite dish of the whole evening.

Then, my friend Jamie and I shared the Mexican Grilled Corn with chili dusted chipotle aioli and cotija cheese, the Tuna on Crack, which is spicy tuna with fried flour tortillas, avocado, cucumbers, chipotle aioli, and togarashi (aka chili powder), and lastly, the Carne Asada Tacos with angus beef, marinated in lemon and secret spices, salsa roja, onion, cilantro, and cotija cheese (obviously I asked for no cilantro).

The Mexican grilled corn and the tuna on crack came out first. I really liked the tuna on crack, but there was really nothing “Mexican” about it other than the fact that it came with tortilla chips. Other than that, it tasted like pretty much every other tuna tartar that I’ve had. I usually LOVE Mexican corn, because of the great spices that come on it, but this dish tasted a little bland to me.

Lastly, the waitress brought out our carne asada tacos. There was no salsa on the tacos and we had asked for guacamole on the side, which wasn’t there either. Once we got those and tried our tacos, we still weren’t very impressed. They were plain and pretty much tasted like something I could have made myself (actually, I probably could have made them better).

As you’ve probably deduced, I didn’t love Teqa. I didn’t hate it, it wasn’t terrible, but if I’m spending $60 on a dinner (especially a Mexican dinner), I think it should be pretty damn good…. Or definitely not something that I think I could make better myself. So, from now on I’ll stick to the fun, cheap Mexican places, rather than the expensive, trendy ones.