Texas De Brazil – Yonkers, NY

A whole plate of side dishes!

Review By: Julianne Di –

Texas de Brazil is a chain restaurant but with much more elegance and high quality food. They have everything from filet mignon, filet wrapped in bacon, chicken wrapped in bacon, parmesan pork, leg of lamb, lamb chops (you know I can’t stay away from lamb!), and more. You can have any of your meats cooked to medium, rare, or well done. The very friendly and mostly male wait staff (I’m not complaining) come around with big chunks of meat on oversized skewers and repeatedly stop at your table to drop off as many slices as you desire. My favorites were the house special (Brazilian Picanha), the BBQ pork ribs, and of course, the lamb chops. Oh man, you definitely need a wet napkin after this meal!

Not only do you get all the meat you could possibly ever want or ask for, there’s also a buffet of sides to go with it. The potatoes au gratin are so cheesy and creamy. The couscous with craisins is delicious and there’s even a gigantic wheel of cheese that you can cut pieces off of. There’s also salmon, lobster bisque, and salad. But, who’s really paying attention to salad in a place where meat runs rampant and you can have as much of it as you want!

I tried not to waste too much stomach space on the veggies (sorry, I am usually not this unhealthy but this place brings out the cavewoman in me)! I feel like Henry VIII when I am sitting at one if their tables. Not only do I get served what I want, when I want, but everything I put in my mouth was royally delicious.

Dessert is like a small play. The waiter brings out a tray of fake MATTEL looking slices of cake that you might find in your child’s fake kitchen to choose from. The banana cream pie was delicious, although some people at the table argued that the cheesecake that was the best. (What do they know?). Don’t ask how any of us had room for even one more bite of food after all of that meat, but if you’re in an “all you can eat” style restaurant, I guess you have to take advantage.

This place has become a regular spot for me and my friends to eat and celebrate at. There are so many choices that I still haven’t been able to try every type of meat offered. If you’re a meat eater than you will have to have the Texas de Brazil experience, at least once!