Burger Bistro – UES, NYC

Can't go wrong with fried artichokes.

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Ah, Date Night. My favorite night of the week. Not only do I get to spend the night with the love of my life, we always start off with a strong drink and usually go somewhere for burgers, wings, or one of our other favorite foods. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Dave came home on Wednesday and we had our usual Maker’s Mark on the rocks while deciding where we should go for dinner. We scoured Scout Mob, Savored, and Groupon (we like to be economical on date night) and finally decided on a Groupon that we had been eyeing for a “Create Your Own Burger” restaurant right down the street from us.

We made a to-go drink, bundled up, and headed out to The Burger Bistro. When we walked in, there was only one other couple in the restaurant, so we were a little skeptical. But, as soon as we sat down and saw the big sign for half-price wine on Wednesdays, we ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir and breathed a sigh of relief.

While enjoying our first glass, we browsed through the menu (again – since obviously we had looked at it and had a good idea of what we were ordering before we left). As if we didn’t already like this place enough after the half-price wine situation, they gave us red pencils and let us write all over our menu to mark our order. How fun!

To start, we got an order of Fried Artichoke Hearts with horseradish cream. I’ve never had fried artichokes before (just grilled, stuffed, boiled, etc.), and they were awesome. Usually when you eat artichokes, you don’t eat the leaves, just the “meat” at the bottom of them, so I was a little confused by the fact that I could just pop the whole leaf in my mouth, but hey, no complaints here. The horseradish dipping sauce that they came with was great too. I love horseradish (and dipping sauces), and this sauce got the flavor just right.

Then, we got two beef burgers. The first with blue cheese and bacon on a brioche bun and the second with goat cheese, frizzled onion, and a fried egg on a whole wheat bun. We also got an order of sweet potato strings on the side (per our waiter’s recommendation). Both of the burgers were great. They were cooked perfectly, plus I love goat cheese AND blue cheese. The only thing I didn’t love was the whole wheat bun. It’s definitely worth foregoing the health factor here because the brioche bun was just so much better and made a huge difference in the overall taste of the burger.

Loved the sweet potato strings too. Although they were really more of regular fries than they were strings. We got wasabi mayo and more of the horseradish cream on the side to dip the fries in. Both great choices. The wasabi mayo literally tasted exactly like wasabi. It was amazing.

Though we were skeptical at first, we ended up having an awesome meal at The Burger Bistro. Between the half-price wine and the awesome build-your-own burgers, I can see this place definitely becoming one of our UES go-to spots.