The Coupe – Columbia Heights, D.C.

The Coupe - Columbia Heights, D.C.
What I Ordered

Review By: Lili Kocsis

My friend got the Tofu Quiche at The Coupe, which was a perfectly sized little tartlet with cremini mushrooms, leeks, onion and creamy smooth silken tofu as its base. The flaky, crumbly, buttery rich crust was made with almond flour and the thing was served with an arugula salad with some cherry tomatoes, chopped red onion and slices of fresh radish. There was also a very vibrantly colored red pepper puree at the base of the plate.

Despite my initial doubts (which I held back as I heard my friend order a tofu-anything), this dish ended up being my hands-down favorite of the three, better than my own choice. Sometimes tofu substituting dairy or meat is pretty ridiculous and borderline pathetic, but in this case it worked very well. The tofu maintained the smooth, jiggly texture of an egg and cream based custard filling, but was a tad less rich in flavor. This was made up for, though, by the addition of a ton of rosemary which packed it full of that comforting, forest pine taste which, especially when taken with the crumbly, buttery quiche shell, reminded me of some kind of savory Christmas biscuit.

The luscious, butter-soft leeks and onions added to that comforting, smooth flavor of the base, while the mushrooms provided a great chewy texture contrast. The salad matched the quiche in its lightness but added some more vibrant flavors to wake up the palate from its rosemary-scented, buttery cat-nap. My only qualm was that the bright orange pepper puree could have been a bit more concentrated in flavor. As it was, the texture was watery and the flavor too diluted to dress a salad. Nonetheless, a definite top recommendation in D.C. so far for those unfortunate gluten-intolerants out there….You just became a little more fortunate.

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