The East Pole – UES, NYC

The East Pole - UES, NYC
What I Ordered
  • Green Juice
  • Pumpkin Bread with Apple Butter
  • Avocado Toast

In Short: The proprietors of The Fat Radish, a downtown neighborhood gem, have finally opened a unique spot on the Upper East Side. The East Pole Restaurant and Bar focuses on seasonal, organic ingredients, which are locally sourced (Place of origin is noted on the menu map!) The ambiance was rustic chic, with a very airy feel. Everything was delicious, but the avocado toast is what I’m going back for…


Review By: Amanda Capazzi –

Ever since The East Pole Restaurant and Bar opened it has attracted locals during all hours of operation. The tiny restaurant housed in a brownstone building has become a neighborhood gem – before dinner cocktails and light bites for some, weekend brunch for others, and the rest make a night out of it.

I was able to wake up at about 10:30am and beat the brunch rush – somehow, my boyfriend, Brett and I were seated by 10:45. Not only that, we were the only ones in the restaurant aside from two other tables of older folks — Shocking! I began to discuss to whole menu with our waitress, keeping an ear open for the seasonal selections. The East Pole menu features simple plates with a focus on sustainable, seasonal ingredients and locally sourced.

We started with a green juice to share. The juice was very fresh with a nice hint of cayenne pepper within. I do not typically go for juices with celery, however, the apple flavor masked the taste completely – it was delicious. It’s hard to start a day without some green energy, but my day certainly cannot be continued without caffeine. I ordered a cappuccino, topped with extra cinnamon of course. All coffee and teas at The East Pole come from one of my favorite coffee shops downtown – Laughing Man.

Delicious coffee must ALWAYS be paired with a sweet at brunch in my book. So naturally, the pumpkin bread and apple butter was the next food item I ordered. The waitress delivered the plate, which was finished in about 3 minutes. The bread had a pound cake texture with crispy, sweet edges. It was the best breakfast treat I’ve had in a while-not too sweet and subtle winter spices. Brett even enjoyed this lovely brunch appetizer. He does not usually enjoy sweets- he’s savory all the way!

We split the avocado toast as an entrée. This dish was the highlight of our meal- comfort food at its finest (for me at least). The fresh bread was split into 4 slices and slightly toasted. The slices were smeared with avocado puree, topped with a house-made hot sauce served alongside a few soft boiled eggs. It had a beautiful presentation, garnished with some fresh cilantro.

If you are an organic foodie, this place is a MUST. For those of you who are not, I think you’ll still fantasize over their avocado toast.

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