Hom – Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Hom - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
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Review By: Julianne Di –

I was introduced to Hom by a former co-worker who often bragged about the interesting items they sell there. It wasn’t until I went in one evening looking for candles and oil diffusers that I noticed the several tables and chairs set up in the back of the store as well as flyers for dinner and a movie. I had assumed that perhaps they just served some food on Fridays during the summer; I had no idea that they had an eclectic brunch menu as well.

The first time I ever decided to eat at Hom was in the fall with a few friends of mine. We decided to catch up over Sangria, and as soon as I poured my first glass at Hom, I found out just why their Sangria has such a reputation. Wow, it’s so delicious! I’ve had both the red and white sangria, and I honestly cannot decide which is better. If you come here for a drink alone it’s worth it, but brunch is not the only option; there is also Friday night happy hour, movie gatherings, and the option to eat in their backyard garden.

Okay, now onto the food…The menu changes seasonally which is great because you feel like you’re going somewhere new every time you go back!

I have to start off by saying that I hate pancakes; they are always so filling, sweet, and really just make me feel like I might OD on sugar. Not here. At Hom, they are light, fluffy and absolutely delicious. I come here for pancakes all the time, especially in October when its pumpkin pancake season. The banana coconut pancakes make me feel like I’m eating on a farm with only the freshest of ingredients.  I didn’t get that “I just ate a tub of butter feeling” that makes me dislike eating pancakes to begin with. Chef D pairs up some of the most delicious ingredients and what may seem simple on the menu is actually a delicious masterpiece when it comes to your table.

Before the food comes out, the waitress brings a basket of delicious bread with jam and butter on the side (the jams and jellies are jarred and sold in the store!).  The Southwestern wrap was my favorite (possibly because I got engaged shortly after eating it!), but the way the chicken, rice and beans complemented one another made my mouth water. Somehow, the food is always light and refreshing no matter how heavy it might sound and I love food that doesn’t weigh me down.  Even the bacon is delicious and crispy without being so greasy!  My boyfriend (little did I know soon to be fiancé) and I split a Teriyaki burger with a delicious grilled pineapple ring on it while we sipped on our sangria and listened to live jazz music.

I had mentioned that Hom was a treat for the 5 senses; taste is obvious. Sound, Hom has light live music for brunch which adds to the calming and soothing atmosphere. Smell, you can definitely catch the scent of food and bacon but you can also purchase some oils, candles, and incense. Sight and Touch, that is pretty obvious too when you see how good the food looks but you can also window shop while you eat! There are plenty of interesting goodies to search for like the beautiful silk Buddha portrait that is now hanging in my kitchen.

The wait time can be long unless you make a reservation and you can even catch a brunch Groupon every so often. Even the name of Hom captures the ambiance that imbues from the space. The owners will make you feel at home and that home gives off the soothing vibe as if you have been meditation (Om) in a delicious food garden!

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