Honey Hole – Capitol Hill, Seattle

Honey Hole - Capitol Hill, Seattle
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Review By: Eric Hoover –

For a place in the middle of what’s been explained as the Williamsburg of Seattle, I thought it was slightly odd that Honey Hole didn’t have Wifi. I got over it, fast, and maybe they just don’t want college students loitering for hours.

Weeks before I departed for my Seattle vacation, several friends and acquaintances told me about Honey Hole sandwiches – “You have to try them!” “I dream about Honey Hole!” The friends in my life have rarely steered me wrong when it comes to food. That record remains untarnished.

I started my day south of the city in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, another up-and-coming gentrified area where the 20-to-35 sects were beginning to populate. After a light rail trip and hours of wandering downtown and historic Pike Place Market areas of Seattle, it was time for some grub.

Honey Hole (or The Honey Hole, or Honeyhole – the Internet can’t decide which way to say it) is one fascinating set up. There’s a bar, standing tables, booths, pews, and plenty of weird stuff on the walls. You have pictures of 70’s and 80’s icons like Burt Reynolds and aquatic sculptures hanging from the ceilings. Oh, and of course there are some photos of cats in funny outfits.

I went in and ordered the first pork related item on the menu, which happens to be at the top. The Buford T. Justice (sandwiches are named for iconic film characters) consisted of pulled pork, slaw and cheese on a baguette. Sold.

They make their food pretty quick from what I saw at Honey Hole, but they certainly do not skimp on quality. One ingredient never overtakes another. You bite down and taste warm crusty bread, juicy cole slaw, creamy cheese and sweet pulled pork. I am a person who enjoys pork made in this and most other fashions, and I was certainly not disappointed in a West Coast take on a Southern delight.

The local Fremont IPA was pretty darn good too.

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