The NoMad – Flatiron, NYC

Best dish in NYC and best chicken... EVER!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

Since we moved to New York last year, my aunt and uncle have not only been there to help us with anything we’ve needed, they have also taken us to some of the best dinners. Last month, they took us to Peter Luger’s to celebrate my uncle’s birthday (yes, he took us out to celebrate his own birthday), and while we were at dinner, we were telling them that we’d been reading great things about The NoMad, specifically that their whole roasted chicken (for two) stuffed with fois gras and black truffles was supposed to be the best dish in New York.

Well, coincidentally, the next day, my aunt and uncle just so happened to have a birthday party at The NoMad Hotel. They texted us from their party telling us to put November 29th at 7:15pm on our calendars because we were going to The NoMad restaurant for two of their famous stuffed chickens!

We could not have been more excited!

We walked into The NoMad and were immediately taken through several different rooms within the restaurant, to our table. While the restaurant was huge, the fact that it was split into different rooms made it seem much more intimate and cozy. And the walls were covered with different frames filled with dried flowers, herbs, and plants, which I loved.

Obviously we knew that we’d be getting the chicken, but we looked through the menu to decide on some appetizers. Dave and I love Sweetbreads, so we went with those. None of the appetizers really caught my aunt and uncle’s eyes, so instead, they decided to split one of the entrees as their appetizer. They decided on the suckling pig with dried plums, onions, and wild greens. At the last minute, my aunt also threw in an order of cauliflower roasted with grapes, cheddar, and marcona almonds.

The first thing to come out was an amazing-looking (and tasting) loaf of bread. I can’t even remember exactly what it was, all I know was that it was delicious.

Then, our appetizers came out. Dave and I were pretty surprised when we saw our sweetbreads. They weren’t like the sweetbreads we typically order, instead they looked like little mini egg rolls. Dave didn’t love them, but I thought they were pretty good (for an egg roll, that is). The suckling pig had great flavor, but the portion was very small. If I had ordered that as my entree (for $35), I would have been very disappointed. The cauliflower was good, but nothing to write home about. All in all, we were not that impressed by any of our appetizers.

But then, all was forgotten once we saw the chicken. They brought out the full chicken, but just to show us, and then told us that they would be taking it back to the kitchen to cut it up. Somewhat of a tease, but it looked like it would be worth the wait… And, it was.

When they brought the chicken back out, it came in two completely separate dishes. One was the breast, which was served with lentils and some brussel sprouts. The other was all of the dark meat cut up with some sort of gravy poured over it. The dark meat dish was delicious. It tasted more like turkey than chicken, and made us feel like we were back at our Thanksgiving table. And then, the chicken breast.


Wow, wow, wow, wow.

They certainly call this the best dish in New York for a reason. It wasn’t stuffed in the way that you would typically imagine a piece of chicken to be stuffed. Instead, there was a thin layer under the skin of the black truffle and fois gras mixture. I cannot even describe to you how amazing and delicious this dish was. Please do me (and yourself) a big favor and go to The NoMad to get this dish so you can taste it for yourself. My best advice would be to skip everything else and go just for this. Oh, and ask them if they’ll bring the whole chicken back to your table. They said they don’t typically do this, but we felt like we would have gotten some more meat if they had.

So, best dish in NY? Yes, by far. And probably also the best chicken I’ve had in my life.