Tilth – Wallingford, Seattle

Tilth - Wallingford, Seattle
What I Ordered
  • Bloody Mary’s
  • Side of Bacon – or two …
  • Soft Scrambled Eggs
  • Skagit River Ranch Hanger Steak Hash

In Short: Perhaps it’s the fresh rain smell and seedlings attempting to poke their way through the moist soil on gray overcast days that makes me appreciate Seattle. If you’re thirsting for a special meal in the nations northwest corner, then I have found what you are looking for. Tilth is an eatery that has perfected combining the art of homegrown cooking with a refined twist.

Review By: Andrea Gohlke –

Step right up. Literally. The stoop that leads into the homey abode recognized as Tilth, beckons and invites you to make their front room [dining room] your nest for the duration of your stay. I’ve eaten at Tilth a handful of times, and it remains a charmed dining experience in my mind. I had yet to venture into this cozy nook for brunch and was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend surprised me and another Piscean gal pal for our birthday meal of decadence.

As always a good brunch can hinge on whether or not the mixologist can make a mean cocktail. I didn’t venture far from the path of straight and narrow and had their signature Bloody Mary. Having recently returned from traveling abroad, the pickled vegetables and Seattle nuances made this a virtual salad in a glass. It wasn’t ostentatious, and even more importantly, it was perfectly drinkable.

It wasn’t difficult to make the ruling that a plate of bacon, or two… we contemplated three, were going to make their way towards us. The server warned us that only thing that could go wrong with ordering too much bacon would be that if we couldn’t finish every morsel then we would be in deep trouble.

We assured her that wouldn’t be a problem, we all like bacon … too much. For years, maybe even decades, I’ve always ordered my bacon extra crispy and it slipped not only my mind as well as those eating with me, I recommend it. The flavors are perfect, I just wished there had been a bit more crunch to accompany the bite.

For those of you in the brunch set who feel the need to satiate sweet cravings, your eyes can scan immediately to the lower portion of the menu. I generally don’t have any designs to sink my teeth into anything that leans heavily on the sugary scale. Picking my savory entrée of choice, now that can be problematic. However, on this venture my eyes immediately zoned in on the Skagit River Ranch Hanger Steak Hash, wavering only slightly when a smoked Pulled Chicken and Biscuits had a momentary tantalizing appeal, only to be overshadowed by the hash.

Accompanied by red cabbage intermingling with the potatoes and sunnyside up egg, if you can capture perfection in your mouth, this is it. It’s funny how I often look disparagingly at the portion sizes when they come to the table at Tilth, thinking that I could take down 3 or 4 of each entrée. The proof is in the product, and Maria Hines + her staff pack a punch. With the steak hash, there were just enough juicy bites of steak in EVERY bite that I couldn’t want for more. Quite an anomaly for this admitted overeater. Both my friend and I went for the hash. My boyfriend went for the artfully stacked soft scrambled eggs with Meyers Lemon Marmalade topped with arugula.

If you often roll out of brunch feeling a slight sense of regret because you didn’t know how to pump the brakes and say no, look no further than Tilth. We all marveled that we were full, but not exceedingly so. If anything we were already clamoring for the opportunity to go back, to eat just the right amount.

Make a reservation at Tilth.

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