DiNic’s – Reading Terminal Market, Philly

Best sandwich in America?!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

One of Dave’s friends recommended that we check out the Reading Terminal Market while we were in Philly. She said we’d love it, and she was 100% right. Imagine rows and rows of every type of food place imaginable… AKA heaven.

We already had plans to get cheesesteaks for dinner, but the second we walked in, we knew we would be having some kind of sandwiches for lunch as well. We started walking up and down the aisles and the second we saw DiNic’s, we knew we had found our lunch spot. Well, actually, I think it was the second we saw the huge line wrapping around the entire place AND the big sign saying “Voted Best Sandwich in America by the Travel Channel.” I mean, could we really see a sign that said “Best Sandwich in America” and not try it? (Obviously, the answer to that question is no).

Before committing, we finished our lap around the market, but after seeing DiNic’s, no other place even had a chance. We went to get in the line that we estimated would take over an hour to get through (we would not wait in line for an hour to see the Liberty Bell, but for the best sandwich in America, it wasn’t even a question), and miraculously, Dave spotted two seats at the counter opening up. I’ve never seen him run so fast.

We bypassed the entire line and were ordering our lunch within just a few minutes. The Roast Pork was the sandwich voted best in America, so we would of course be getting that (with sharp provolone cheese and broccoli rabe) and then we also decided on the Brisket Sandwich with hot and sweet peppers.

Our sandwiches came out, and oh my god, did they look amazing. There was a horseradish sauce sitting on the counter, so we added some of that and then immediately had to dig in. The roast pork was amazing. I can’t say that it’s the  best sandwich I ever had, but then again, I can’t think of a better one… though the brisket was pretty amazing too. I loved both of them, but I actually think that the brisket was the better of the two (don’t tell the Travel Channel I said that).

I could not have asked for a better lunch. I was stuffed and had no idea how I was going to possibly eat two more amazing (yet also ridiculously big) sandwiches again for dinner.