The Top 3 Tacos in Austin, Texas


Austin’s taco game is strong there is no doubt about that. Among weird art, live music, and food trucks, tacos top Austin’s charts for things they do well and are proud of. Finding a good taco can become a hassle when it the city is overpopulated with taco shops. Let me narrow it down for you.

chinos and gringos

For the Breakfast Taco: Chinos and Gringos

In the same way Los Angeles is known for their amazing breakfast burritos, Austin is known for their beloved breakfast tacos. And sure, outsiders might say, “it’s breakfast stuff in a taco, I can imagine what that tastes like” well you’re wrong. If you go to a diner or any ole’ taco truck then yeah you’ll get what you’re thinking of. But visit Chinos and Gringos, my favorite breakfast taco place. The eggs are fresh, the bacon crispy and the potatos are perfect. I mean perfect, slight crisped outer layer and soft mushy goodness on the inside. It is a small detail but it makes a difference when you’ve been eating breakfast foods like a pro your whole life. You can custom make your own taco or choose from their themed list (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly).

What I order:

  1. The Good (add bacon): avocado, sauteed mushrooms, and organic scrambled eggs
  2. The Bad (I nix the candied jalapenos because I’m not into spicy): the best potatoes, organic scrambled eggs, shredded cheese and bacon
  3. The Ugly: Fajita beef, shredded cheese, fried over medium organic egg, beans and the best potatoes



For the Seafood Taco: Turf n’ Surf Po Boy

It’s the best fish taco in the game bar none. They let you choose your fish and how you’d like it cooked (blackened, fried, or grilled). They have the freshest fish taco I can find in Austin. When they say everything is bigger inTexas, there could be no greater example than Turf n’Surf Po Boy’s tacos. It may be a bit pricy at $11-19 for two tacos but they pretty much give you the WHOLE fish. I’m convinced the only thing you don’t get is the head, tail and bones! The taco comes with a few greens, red onion, a slice of tomato and an awesome cilantro ranch sauce that is much lighter than it sounds but packed with flavor.

What I order:

  1. Blackened Red Snapper fish taco
  2. Fried Red Snapper fish taco
  3. Grilled Mahi Mahi fish taco


For the Traditional Taco: Rosita’s Al Pastor

I’ve only come here for the Al Pastor tacos, although I’ve heard the breakfast tacos are on point as well. I really appreciate their fresh tortillas and the 24hr family recipe marinated pork, for only $1.75! If you want to do it the right way, however, I suggest adding at least piña and onions for an additional .25 each per taco. But adding cheese and avocado transforms the taco experience and I highly recommend it. I know, I too have doubted the idea, but I do not regret trying it. If it’s your first time I might suggest ordering a few with each one with different toppings. They are on the smaller side and I can eat about four to five without getting too stuffed, but then again I do eat a lot.

What I order:

  1. Al Pastor w/ corn tortilla
  2. Al Pastor w/ corn tortilla, pineapple and onions
  3. Al Pastor w/ corn tortilla, pineapple, onions, cheese and avocado