Trapper’s Sushi – Puyallup, WA

Trapper's Sushi - Puyallup, Washington
What I Ordered

Review By: Angela Hammond

Mmmmmm… I want more right now! Everything tasted great. I don’t go out for sushi often because my husband doesn’t like it, so when my dad said he would go with me I jumped at the opportunity and of course, ordered A LOT of food. It was delicious and even between the two of us we had a whole box of leftovers. I went into Trapper’s Sushi around 5 for their happy hour. The happy hour featured a lot of great deals on long rolls as well as some discounted appetizers and $1 off beer and a couple other drinks.

I got the California roll for $4 and the Trapper roll was $7. The Trapper Roll included shrimp and a ton of scallops, so I’d say it was definitely a bargain. My only complaint when it came to taste was with the wasabi. I looooove spicy and their wasabi was not spicy enough for me. I find that most sushi places water down the wasabi somehow. So maybe bring your own wasabi if that’s important to you.

The waiters were very nice but the restaurant was extremely busy at the time I went in so service was slowed down quite a bit. The food came out in good timing, but I had to stop one of the waitresses to get the bill and a refill on my tea. I personally didn’t mind because I love taking my sweet time to sit back and enjoy my tea after a good meal but others who are not quite as patient might not handle it so well. Then again, the food is so good it definitely makes up for a long wait for anything!

When I got home, I grabbed my better, spicier wasabi and finished the rest of the leftovers. Yea, maybe I ate too much but it was sooooo good I couldn’t resist!