‘Wichcraft – Bryant Park, NYC

Great lunch in Bryant Park!

Review By: Stefanie Parks –

This was our first weekend in NYC in what seems like forever, and Dave and I were both looking forward to having a relaxing weekend in the city. We went for a run on Saturday morning and were planning to check a few errands off our list. We wanted to stop for lunch on our way home, but didn’t really want something too heavy or that took too long.

And then we walked through Bryant Park and found the perfect lunch spot! I didn’t know that ‘Wichcraft was one of Tom Colicchio’s places (I’ve loved him since season 1 of  Top Chef) until I looked it up after, but between their great sandwich menu and even better outdoor location nothing else really even mattered.

We decided on the Fried Egg Sandwich with Bacon, Gorgonzola and Frisee on a Ciabatta Roll and the Slow-Roasted Berkshire Pork with Dijon Mustard and Bread & Butter Pickles also on a Ciabatta Roll. On the side, we got Potato Salad and Marinated Chickpeas.

As far as egg sandwiches goes, this one was awesome. I love gorgonzola cheese and the frisee was a surprisingly good addition as well. The pork sandwich though, was even better. The pork was delicious and I loved it with the dijon mustard and pickles. I didn’t love the fact that they were both on ciabatta rolls, but hey, what can ya do. I also wasn’t crazy about the potato salad or the marinated chickpeas (though the potato salad was definitely better), but the sandwiches made up for that.

I wasn’t expecting a gourmet experience when we stopped at a food kiosk in the park, but I was pleasantly surprised by the meal we ended up with… But then again, I guess if I had known that it was one of Tom Cholicchio’s places (I won’t lie, I almost wrote just “Tom’s places” but then I felt weird about the first name only situation), then maybe my expectations would have been higher from the beginning.