Wurstküche – Downtown, LA

What I Ordered
  • BRATWURST - A classic bratwurst packed with flavor
  • DUCK AND BACON WITH JALAPEÑO PEPPERS - Spicy, juicy and delectable
  • RATTLESNAKE AND RABBIT WITH JALAPEÑO PEPPERS - Differently wonderful, packed with spices 
  • BELGIAN FRIES with BUTTERMILK RANCH and BLEU CHEESE WALNUT AND BACON - Wonderful sauces and crispy fries for a perfect combination 

In Short: Overall excellent atmosphere and food, but can be a bit pricey.

A couple of weeks ago I ventured out to Los Angeles for a solo weekend getaway for some shopping, video games, and, of course, FOOD! What can I say about this place? It was an over flowing joy of juices and flavor in one bite! From the bun to the beer, my experience at Wurstküche was amazing.

The sausages range from the normal brats to exotics (rattlesnake, buffalo, pheasant) and gourmets (mango jalapeño, filipino maharlika, chicken apple). Toppings range from various mustards, peppers, onions. The perfect pairing for these savory meats!


My first bite into the rattlesnake/rabbit: I closed my eyes and a loud ‘mmm oh my god’ escaped me! My mouth was in ecstasy! AMAZING! There was still a pork flavor to the sausage with notes of the rattlesnake and spices! I was so into my sausage that I almost forgot about my duck/ bacon bratwurst! This one is definitely for those who love getting kicks of spice on their tongue! It’s incredible taste almost mimics that of chorizo without the lingering grease down your throat. The classic bratwurst was just as juicy and delicious. As far as toppings, I highly recommend caramelized onions, spicy peppers, and dijon. ( Dijon pairs perfectly with anything!)

AND THOSE FRIES!! Beautiful, thick cuts of crispy potatoes with so many sauces to choose from! From classic Buttermilk Ranch to Thai Peanut sauce to Pesto Mayo!! I stuck with the classic ranch and bleu cheese walnut and bacon. Both were very creamy and pleasant taste. The fries are really delicious on their own.

Getting thirsty??? I was! The beer menu here is extensive! They carry Belgium, German, and American beers as well as ciders and non alcoholics. I ordered the gluten-free Green’s Amber because I’m also out to find a delicious gluten-free beer! At 6%, this beer was complimentary to the large amount of meat and carbohydrates I had just consumed. Oh, there’s water too if you’re into that.


I had to share the wonderful food I  had experienced with some friends back home. The wait was pretty long (out the door) so I decided to order my to go food online, which is great! No standing in line, pick up at the bar, and my order was ready in 15 minutes! If you’re in a rush, online ordering is definitely the way to go.

Wurstküche: DTLA
800 East 3rd Street @ Traction
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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