Wynwood Kitchen and Bar – Wynwood, Miami

What I Ordered
  • Chips and Guacamole 
  • Shrimp Tacos

In Short: Amazing atmosphere, quick service, reasonably priced and delicious food. This is the ideal restaurant to start off your day at the Wynwood Wall District in downtown Miami. 

My girlfriend and I were eager to spend the afternoon at the Wynwood Walls in downtown Miami. Several of our friends recommended checking out the colorful graffiti murals.

After the cab driver dropped us off in the urban art district, we looked for a restaurant to eat lunch and stumbled upon the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

Fortunately, there was no wait so we were able to snag a great seat on the patio with a great view of some of the graffiti walls. I recommend making reservations as a line formed outside while we were eating.

We ordered chips and guacamole along with the shrimp tacos. The service was exceptional as we instantly got our craft beer and chips and guacamole. The atmosphere is what really sets this restaurant apart. There is a cool vibe both inside and outside, on the patio as there are murals everywhere you look.

The shrimp tacos were solid also. The Wynwood Kitchen & Bar serves their food in a Tapas Style menu so it is worth trying multiple items.

If you are spending a day at the Wynwood Walls, I definitely recommend having your meal at the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar. It perfectly exemplifies the area and with quick service and solid food, you can’t go wrong.