Zeitgeist Coffee – Pioneer Square, Seattle

Zeitgeist Coffee - Pioneer Square, Seattle
What I Ordered

I’ve only had two orgasms in my life and one of them has been from this sandwich. I am a hard woman to please because everything must be right: the ambiance should be relaxed, there should be some light-hearted play in the mix, and  visual, textural, flavoral details must mix well. Good job Zeitgeist.

Every once in a while you come across something that is made wonderful by a defining detail and for this sandwich that detail is capers. Have you ever had a tuna sandwich with capers? Well maybe you have but for me it was the first time and it had me coming back days in a row. Yes, days in a row. I can’t resist that chewy sourdough bread and well oiled meat.

This is not your retirement-home tuna sandwich. Bonus: Comes with side salad. Advisory: Order without cheese.

Photo Credit: Yelp!

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