Zona Blu – Weston, Florida

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What I Ordered



Piccolo- 2 salumi and 1 formaggio ( Bresaola – air-dried salted beef, Pecorino Semi Stagionato – mixed and aged with truffle, and Scamorza – cow’s milk, aged 12 months, soft, smoked flavor)

zona blu app


Filetto di Branzino al Cartocio- filet of Mediterranean sea bass baked in a “pouch” with Vermentino wine, cherry tomatoes, and steamed potatoes 

zona blu branzino

Mamoiada pizza- Speck, asparagus, smoked scamorza cheese, mozzarella cheese

zona blu pizza

Dessert: Tiramisu/Cannoli/Sorbetto di Limoncello 

zona blu tiramisu


In Short: The food and atmosphere was vibrant, fresh, and pure. You enter as a customer, and leave as a member of their family! 

If you are looking for a neighborhood restaurant that makes you feel at home, then you have found just that at Zona Blu. Immediately walking through the door you are greeted with a warm Italian greeting (Ciao!) and an overwhelming aroma of fresh baked bread. And just so you know, it isn’t your typical free bread that is put on the table; it is stuffed with cheese and marinated tomatoes!

Zona Blu’s cuisine is based on cooking with food that originates in the blue regions of the world where people live to be over 100 years old. So, I say if pizza lets me live longer, than bring me the best pizza you have (which is definitely the Mamoiada pizza). This isn’t your typical cheese pizza; it is smoky and full of flavor! However if you want something a bit healthier, the Branzino should absolutely be your go-to. It is cooked in a pouch to allow maximum flavor and therefore takes 18 minutes to prepare, so make sure to order an appetizer to avoid what I like to call being “hangry” (hungry/angry).

Now, my top recommendation is to save room for dessert! If you prefer something more sweet go for the tiramisu. However, if you enjoy a fruity flavor my personal favorite was the limoncello sorbet. The sorbet was just the amount of sweetness with a creamy ending to leave your palate feeling light and fresh!